Welcome to Annie’s House Foundation: Empowering Futures in Georgia

At Annie’s House Foundation, we are committed to providing crucial support and empowerment to young individuals aging out of foster care in Georgia. Our mission is to create a positive impact by addressing the unique challenges faced during this transition. Discover how we make a difference in the lives of these resilient young people.

Group of students gathered together

Holistic Support for Independence

Annie’s House Foundation focuses on holistic support, encompassing education, life skills development, and stable housing solutions. We tailor our programs to meet individual needs, ensuring a comprehensive approach that fosters independence and resilience in every young person we serve.

Nurturing Growth Through Mentorship

Our dedicated team and compassionate mentors play a vital role in guiding and mentoring these young individuals. By fostering meaningful connections, we provide emotional support and practical guidance, helping them navigate the complexities of adulthood with confidence and assurance.

Mentor talking to students
Group of people gathering hands together

Building a Brighter Future, Together

Annie’s House Foundation is not just a support system; it’s a community that believes in the potential of every young person. Through collaborative community partnerships, we strive to build a network of opportunities, resources, and encouragement, empowering these individuals to overcome challenges and build a brighter, more promising future.

Join Annie’s House Foundation today; together, we empower, support, and create brighter futures for all.